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Become a member

Noah Gray's Ark e.V. is still at the very beginning, but we hope that we will gradually find more and more members, both affected and non-affected, through whose active and financial support we can help as many affected people as possible.

Application for membership as a single member


Application for membership as a family


Application for membership as an association, institution, foundation or company

Please send your declaration of membership by post to our club address or scanned to our club email address!


Important information about membership in advance:

- Ordinary membership or sponsoring membership

>>> Ordinary members have voting rights from the age of 16 and support not only financially, but also actively.
>>> Supporting members forego voting rights and support primarily financially.


- For children there is membership in the association through the main members, the parents (see declaration of membership for families).


- Each full and supporting member can decide for himself with which annual or monthly amount he would like to support the association.


- Children and young people under the age of 18 are always free of charge.

For membership fees up to EUR 200.00, the account statement with the direct debit is used as proof of donation to the tax office. We will of course issue donation receipts for higher contributions.









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