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Grieving Parents Germany


Grieving Parents Hamburg


Grieving Parents Munich


Grieving Parents Hanover


Parents' initiative for sudden infant death


"Silent Birth" initiative


Help for grieving parents

Trauerland - Center for grieving children e.V.

Mourning breaks


Advice center for people in mourning


Page for members to suicide


Help for crime victims

Help with murder / suicide / missing persons


Help for grieving parents


At you can find this link

a list of many other links on the following topics:
- Organizer of funeral seminars
- Help and forums on the Internet

- Aftercare and therapy clinics




Self-help group for grieving parents


Vienna - Caritas mourning pastoral care


Vienna - Children's Hospice Association Netz


"Silent Birth" initiative


Self-help groups in Salzburg


Linz - SHG Mourning Parents / Siblings


Großrußbach - Caritas mourning group


Self-help groups and hospice grief groups

in Lower Austria


Carinthia - Platform for bereaved parents


Mourning parents in Vienna and the surrounding area


Mourning children and young people


Mourning children in Lower Austria




Self-help association - grieving parents


Group after a baby dies


The compassionate friends


Grieving grandparents


When a sibling dies


Association for survivors after suicide





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