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"Reading strengthens the soul."


How right Voltaire is with this quote!


Reading actually carried us through the first few days, it strengthened our soul, allowed us to survive and it still does today. Everything that had anything to do with the topic of loss, grief and death was "really" absorbed "afterwards" by us during this first period. We read Astrid Lindgren's Lionheart brothers out loud before we went to sleep, imagining that Noah was also having great adventures in this next world, in Nangijala.


At first we read almost exclusively books written by other grieving Mums and Dads. We needed to hear that you can survive, that it can go on.


Then there was a book that started a completely new chapter for us! It changed us fundamentally and made us "realize". We received this book from very dear, very important and valued friends, exactly one day after Noah's memorial service. It was Pascal Voggehubber's "Children in the Spiritual World" and it opened up a completely new perspective on life and death. After that we read countless books in this direction, including many books on near-death experiences.


Many books that we have read have not spoken to us at all or have triggered absolutely nothing in us, while others have touched us, made us think, given us insights and enlightenment. Everyone feels differently, everyone has their own feelings, so it may well be that you start reading the recommended books here and think, no, nothing for me, then put them away, then they won't bring you anything, then start another .


We will mainly list the books that have really brought us a lot and of course we hope that these books trigger just as much in you, but we will also be happy to list books that have brought YOU a lot, so if you have books you want to share with us, then write to us and we will add them to the list. And please write about why they mean so much to you.


Most of the books unfortunately are only available in german, that`s a pity, because some of them are really helpful, but there are also a lot of helpful books in english, so let us know, which enfglish books should be in our list!


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