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At this beautiful place you can take a break,


and try to find some peace, to catch your breath, to draw strength and to get impulses to "continue",

to find your way back to life.

On a hill in Bischofshofen/Austria, about 30 minutes from Salzburg, in beautiful Pongau,

there is a small house in a very quiet, secluded location, our Noah Gray's Ark!

From there you have a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains,

and you can find seclusion, peace and nature.

There is a bedroom for 2 (a cot would also fit) and a sofa bed in the small living room where the kitchenette is located. There is of course a bathroom with a shower, as well as a pellet stove to keep you warm in the colder months. You can drive directly to the house by car and it is easy to reach in summer, as is usually the case in winter.

In the house we have a lot of literature on the subject of loss, grief processing etc.

who can give you impulses on how you can learn to live with the heavy loss.
We also have many stuff that you can use to creatively deal with your grief.

For data protection reasons, we are unfortunately not allowed to put any pictures of the outside view of the house on the Internet,

but from the wonderful view and from pictures from inside!

On request we can also show you a few more pictures and give you information about the area,

because you can go hiking, walking or swimming and in winter you can also go skiing or tobogganing and do ski tours ​.

If you want to take a time-out at "Noah Gray's Ark", then we ask you to become a member with us,
because we don't own the house ourselves, but have only rented it,

After consultation with the landlady, only members of our association may use the house.
All information about membership can be found here .

Just contact us and you will get all the information you need.






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