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Emergency call for the soul - telephone / internet

Where can you call 24/7 when you can't take it anymore, when you are desperate, when the grief is eating you up or simply when you need someone to talk to, to listen to, because we don't always have people around us who have time to listen to us, to talk to us. Many of us have also had the experience that no one wants to talk to us about our children and we have the feeling that we are annoying others with our grief.

Here we have some phone numbers and internet addresses for you,
where you can always call (anonymously and free of charge) or contact us by email:


+49 800 111 0 111

+49 800 111 0 222
+49 800 111 0 333 (for children and young people)
+49 116 123 (instant chat and email exchange) Numbers


For crime victims
+49 116 006 (free, anonymous and available nationwide)


Aid organization for murder / killing / suicide and missing persons

+49 30 25 04 51 51


Telephone help for the bereaved

+49 700 70 40 04 00 (costs max 12 cents / min)

Nationwide mourning telephone callers can talk to trained grief counselors about their personal situation.
The service also provides information about self-help groups.
The employees of the mourning telephone work on a voluntary basis.



+43 142 (instant chat and email exchange)


+49 800 246 247 (specially by men for men)



+44 143 (instant chat and email exchange)


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