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Our goal is

To enable days, weekends or weeks together, when orphaned mums and dads and their relatives can come together to exchange ideas, to be creative together, to enjoy nature together, to recharge their batteries together, to make friendships,

to mourn together, to remember, to laugh ...


Because everything is often so much easier when you are with people who have the same fate, who understand exactly what you feel, in front of whom you don't have to pretend that everything is somehow all right, who understand it, when you burst into tears from one second to the other, who understand you without having to say or explain much ...


Unfortunately, so far there are only very few offers in this area, there are many mourning groups that meet once a week or once a month, but almost no offers in the area of ​​"time out together".


As soon as we have found a place of our own, we want to get started and offer as many "time-outs" as possible. But if we can't find a place of our own for a long time, we will try, depending on the financial situation of the association, to rent places for different meetings. We will always keep you up to date.


As long as we cannot organize our own meetings, we have a link here to a page which already offers time out together :





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