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Children in the spirit world
by Pascal Voggenhuber

At home in heaven
When a child dies, the pain for those left behind is immeasurable. Pascal Voggenhuber has accompanied numerous parents in their mourning process. The messages he receives from the souls of deceased children are full of comfort and hope: “We live in a beautiful new world. And we sincerely wish that you are well too - be strong and live your life until we meet again. "

An extraordinary, touching book that takes away the fear of death and lets you understand life on the “other side”.

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Message from Beyond 2.0
by Pascal Voggenhuber

What happens after death?
Many people have already turned to Pascal Voggenhuber with this question, because the bestselling author knows a lot about dying and life after death. His greatest concern is to report that we not only have this one life, but continue to exist in the hereafter. Through his work as a medium, he became aware of the comfort and power of this message. In his new book he lets us share his knowledge:

  • Why are all deceased safe?

  • What does the hereafter look like and what tasks do guardian angels and spirit guides take on?

  • How do I communicate with the deceased and how do I recognize signs they send us?

  • Spirituality, mediumship and sensitivity: How do we perceive the spiritual world?


Talking to Heaven: After death it goes on
by Nina Herzberg

When I asked him if dying was "going into the light", he said NO.
When I asked if it was a "coming home" he said NO.
When I asked what it was then, he said: "Just one step to the side."
Medium Nina Herzberg illuminates our world from two different perspectives in this exciting and touching book.
From a people's point of view, issues like grief, pain and suffering are existential, very dramatic and sad. The view of the spiritual world, on the other hand, is different, because it has a different overview, sees connections and understands the earthly life plan.
By changing perspectives, the reader gets a different insight into his own life on this earth and a different understanding of his own feelings and thoughts.
Deep healing can arise when one realizes that death is not the end and one is always accompanied by the dead. In this way the fear of one's own finitude disappears.
Through numerous dialogues with her late father and her spirit guide, through vivid examples from practice and her own texts, Nina Herzberg takes the reader on a journey into the spiritual world, from which one returns touched and inspired.

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The fairy tale of death
by Marie-Claire van der Bruggen

The fairy tale of death is the inspiring story of a little soul who sets out on a journey to earth for the very first time. What preparations must be made for this, and what is it like for a soul to be born in a human body? What does life on earth look like through the eyes of a soul, how does it experience it, and finally, how does a soul experience death or the return home? All of this is told in a clear and simple way. The little soul takes us on its big adventure. It is a wondrous journey through which we may rediscover who we really are and where we actually come from.

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The Numerous Lives of the Soul: The Chronicle of Reincarnation Therapy

by Brian L. Weiss

Psychiatrist Brian Weiss treated his patient Catherine with conventional therapeutic methods for 18 months to help her overcome her severe anxiety symptoms. When nothing seemed to work, he tried hypnosis. In a trance, Catherine remembered previous lives that turned out to be the cause of her symptoms, and she was healed. Parallel to the successful treatment of his patient, Brian Weiss developed from a conventional school psychiatrist to an advocate of transmigration of souls.

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At home in heaven: what children's souls say about life after death

by James van Praagh

Touching messages from the afterlife from children
“Your child is fine! It now lives in a wonderful new world. ”James Van Praagh describes in detail what a child's soul experiences when it has left this world. The first thing she feels on the other side is freedom and security. And she sends us messages of hope and love - an extraordinary gift to help us understand life on the "other side".

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