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The tree of memory

Britta Teckentrup

The classic on the subject of "saying goodbye"

The picture book sensitively teaches children from 4 years of age, but also adults, that the death of a loved one does not mean a final farewell. The timeless message is told through the perspective of forest animals whose friend has died. Britta Teckentrup's calm illustrations underline the poetic story.

Can you keep memories?

This book gently gives an answer. When it is time for the fox to say goodbye, the forest animals gather to remember shared experiences - and to mourn. But then they notice a tender plant that sprouts out of the ground and eventually grows into a magnificent tree through their memories: in memory of their loyal friend.

• Poetic treatment of the sensitive topics "death and grief"
• Suitable for children and adults to cope with grief
• Lovingly illustrated children's book
• With the message "A deceased person lives on in memory"

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