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Her grief was immense ...

But since all memories of her child were joy and nothing but joy,

could they endure the grief, just as the very old soul had predicted.
"The story of the very, very old soul"

Our grief is immeasurable too, but all our memories of our son Noah are joy and nothing but joy
and we learn step by step to bear the grief. It's a long hard and rocky road that will never end
but with the help and support of many dear people we were able to set out on this path.


And this path led us shortly "afterwards" to Equador for two months, for our Time Out that would not have been possible without financial support from our family, friends, acquaintances and neighbors.

This break gave us time and led us wonderful places

where we could surrender to the immeasurable and tearing pain and now endure forward.


We got the time to catch our breath, to find some peace and to draw strength!


And still there in Equador the idea began to grow in us to give other grieving parents a "Time Out" as well.


And we are so happy, because from the beginning of december 2021 we will have a little house we can use for our project to support parents/families with a place for a "Time Out".
We will be always thankful to meet people, whether affected or not, who support our association through membership and/or donations,

so that we can enable other grieving parents a break that will give them the strength to keep going!


On this website, those affected will also find many possiblities for help and impulses ...


whatever the case be, we are very pleased that you have found us!

Jenny and Adam with Noah in their hearts

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