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Empirical research into the hereafter

The aim of the Empirical Beyond Research channel is to document special experiences. This includes near-death experiences, post-death contacts and other special perceptions that relate to the world beyond.

Thanatos TV

Contributions to life before and after death:

Post-death contacts and hereafter experiences :
Playlist for contacts to the “Beyond the Five Senses” - theories, philosophies and personal experiences

Near death experiences and dying experiences: Playlist of people who report on their experiences near death or during "clinical death"

Thanatology and Consciousness Research : Playlist of doctors, scientists and philosophers who deal with phenomena near death or consciousness research.

Thanatos Documents | Documentary film series: "Thanatos Documents" is a documentary film series in which the topics of this channel are dealt with in depth - independently and non-denominationally. Duration: 50 minutes each.

Andreas Herejk

About near-death experiences, post-death contacts and out-of-body perceptions.

Night cafe
Rebirth or all over?

Isn't death just the end or is there life after death? And if so, what does it look like? Our theme today is rebirth. Our guests believe in it or completely reject the concept, but experience precisely this as a liberation. They experienced rebirth as a Christian concept, or rebirth in the classic parapsychological sense. Does the rebirth exist? And can you experience them as a living person?

When life ends early

When small children, teenagers or young adults who have their whole life ahead of them pass away, the question of meaning and justice arises immediately. Why did my son, at the age of four, have to struggle for his life for so long and finally lost the fight, but I'm allowed to go on living?

Torn from life

The current pictures of the plane disaster in the French Alps remind us once again how fragile our life is. Whether a terrible traffic accident or a huge natural disaster - | suddenly the world stands still and human omnipotence over nature and technology is completely called into question. Even worse if a close relative or good friend is killed in the process. The unexpected loss paralyzes, makes you sad and angry at the same time. After the initial paralysis of shock comes the question of guilt and responsibility. It takes a proper process of grief. Sometimes a life of uncertainty remains. How do you deal with a sudden stroke of fate? Who can help overcome the trauma? And how do you get back on track in life?


Death before your eyes

Suddenly everything is different! Nothing hits us harder than the approaching death of a loved one or the news that our own lives are about to come to an end. Immediately a flood of feelings overwhelms our predictable everyday life and shakes the constantly repressed knowledge: Life is finite. In addition to despair and anger, there are great fears about how things will go on.


How to die - how to live with it?

Dying - how to live with it ?: Hardly anything is associated with as many questions, worries and fears as dying. And hardly anything triggers such deep pain and grief in us. At the same time, little is said about it; the confrontation with death is suppressed and delayed. How do you succeed in accepting death and taking the horror away from it?


Farewell to loved ones

Saying goodbye is never easy - and it gets even harder when it's a goodbye forever. Death painfully separates us from our loved ones and forces us to say goodbye to them


What death can do
Death is always a turning point. What does death trigger in us? How does it affect our lives? And how do we start over after losing a loved one?


Of guilt and forgiveness

It can happen to any of us: In an unobserved moment, your own child slips away and the misfortune takes its course. One moment you don't pay attention and it's already too late - how can we go on with such a tragic accident? But there are also those who in cold blood wipe out a human life. As a relative, can you ever forgive such an act?


my second life
00:19:45 - 00:39:45 Udo Wieczorek

On the subject of reincarnation: Also soul legacy - the documentation for the book


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