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Facebook groups (english groups)


Living After Child Loss
A different kind of grief support. One focused on living after loss, supporting each other in carrying our grief,

and encouraging each other to keep going.


Child Loss/Love Never Dies

This page is to support grieving parents and grandparents who have lost children or grandchildren. Only if you have ever been there can you even begin to relate or walk in our shoes. Share your thoughts and your angels with us.


Loss of a child
This group is for anyone that has lost a child.


Child Loss Grief
support , love and understanding in a loving quiet group with intentions of helping each other get thru this very painful journey of grief. This is one of the most beautiful group of grieving mothers and grandmothers around.

You will feel the love as you are welcomed with open arms.


Parents Who Have Lost A Child
This is to help us grieve for the Loss of our Child. We can get angry or mad or upset. We can vent or fuss or even get ticked off and pissed off if we choose to. This is to help those of us who has lost a child who really understand all the emotions we go thru. I went thru all emotions and angers and guilt and a lot of Why questions. This is open to Mom's and Dad's and Grandparents

who raise their grandkids as their own kids who have lost them.


Loss of a to go on
The age that we lost our child does not change the pain, no matter the age of our child it was never long enough. As parents we long for our child that is no longer with us, we grieve the child we lost, the future we lost, the dreams, the wishes..


These are just a few groups in english... there are so many more ... have a look


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