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Surviving death
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In the six episodes of the first season, those directly affected tell of their experiences with near-death experiences, rebirth or paranormal phenomena. Scientists are also taking a closer look at such incidents. The apparently supernatural is thus reacted to with the means of logic and intellect.

In the first episode, for example, we want to investigate the question of whether it is possible that something of our personality survives after death. Two other episodes are devoted to the methods by which media create a connection between the living and the dead. The next two episodes show the different ways in which the dead allegedly reported back from the afterlife in the course of history. The final episode finally examines three supposedly well-documented cases of rebirth.

Immortal?! - Good reasons for an afterlife

Production year: 2015
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Is there a life after death?

"Nothing in life is as certain as death," they say. We humans know we have to die. And yet we dream and hope that something of us will survive death and be immortal. Until a few generations ago, the subject of "life after death" was exclusively a matter of religion. Today doctors and scientists are also working on it. The death research (thanatology) documents worldwide reports of people who were clinically dead and who had amazing experiences. What's behind it? What significance do personal experiences have?

From out-of-body consciousness experiences to reincarnation, from quantum philosophy to media contacts with the hereafter: This film crosses borders, questions the materialistic worldview, offers suggestions for the right way to deal with dying people and breaks the taboo around death.

Additional description:
The film documentation contains detailed interviews with, among others:
- Pim van Lommel (doctor and mortality researcher, Netherlands)
- Reto Eberhard Rast (doctor and death researcher, Switzerland)
- Rupert Sheldrake (biologist, England)
- Ulrich Warnke (biologist and quantum philosopher, Germany)
- Illobrand von Ludwiger (astrophysicist and author, Germany)
- Christian Baur (historian, Austria)
- Werner Völk (doctor and hospice helper, Germany)
- People with personal "afterlife" experiences also have their say: Astrid Dauster (Germany), Jenny Cockell (England), Ingrid Ofner (Austria)

life after death

from 1992

What if we die? Is There a Loving Creator? Does Heaven Exist? Are we all connected? What is the meaning of life? The film, which won awards at the New York Film Festival, tells the story of the afterlife, compiled from more than two thousand cases worldwide. This film seeks answers to questions about fear, belief, out-of-body experiences, the tunnel, the loving light, guardian angels, the life review and reuniting with loved ones. Life after death is based on a bestseller by Dr. Raymond Moody and gives us the message of hope that is to encourage and inspire us to live a life of love and without fear.

Starring: Dr. Raymond Moody, Dannion Brinkley, Dr. George Ritchie, Dr. George Rodonaia, Viola Horton, Sandi Rogers, Pamela Lewis

The path: beyond

from 2009

Life is a journey: we are born, we live our lives and then we die. Nobody can live forever, can they? The Path: Hereafter asks two basic questions: What happens when we die? What is the purpose of life? The filmmakers interviewed 12 people in the United States who are versed and knowledgeable in the fields of holistic studies, out-of-body experiences, Reiki, regressions, physics, and holistic medicine, who are currently practicing, studying, or are specialists in these fields. Participants examine different theories about what happens to people when they die. Their own experiences with death and near-death experiences are incorporated. They describe how these experiences shaped their lives and inspired them to devote their work to the study of consciousness.

Starring: F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater, Patty Ray Avalon, William Buhlman, Thomas Campbell, Jeannette Duffau, Brenda Jenks, Beth Netter, Paul Rademacher, Hillary Raimo, Lindsay Sass, Carol von Kaenel, Robert Weissberg

Look into eternity? Death and the after

from 2020

We will die. All of us. But what happens when we are dead? And is there life after death? People have always been concerned with these questions.

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