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Evidence of the Afterlife: The comprehensive documentation of near-death experiences from around the world

by Dr. Jeffrey Long

First comprehensive documentation of near-death experiences from around the world
For the cancer doctor Dr. For a long time, near-death experiences were anything but undisputed. But more and more often he came into contact with people who were unconscious and on the verge of death and who later reported on experiences outside their body. He checked possible brain physiological or chemical explanations of the phenomenon. Today he is convinced: near-death experiences are real. His case stories from people of all ages and from all cultures are not only exciting and moving. They give us an insight into the afterlife and confirm that the journey will continue.

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New evidence of life after death

by Dr. Jeffrey Long

The most exciting near-death experiences and God encounters from all over the world
Dr. Jeffrey Long is a leading scientist in the field of near-death research. In his highly acclaimed first work "Evidence for an Afterlife", he already brought together fascinating case histories from various cultures. This book brings together more incredibly impressive near-death experiences from around the world, based on a groundbreaking scientific study of 4,000 subjects. They all testify: our existence does not end with death, the journey continues.

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Afterlife: Exploring an Inexplicable Experience

by Raymond A. Moody

Fascinating testimonials from people with near-death experiences - about what life really feels like after death.
It all started with a chance encounter. A medicine professor who had once been declared "clinically dead" had survived and now told RA Moody how he had experienced his own end and what came after, how he had "experienced" his own death and death. In the course of a five-year investigation, Dr. Moody to track down around 150 such cases. People who had been clinically dead but then lived on and could now report on their experience across the border

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Endless Awareness: New Medical Facts on the Near Death Experience

by Pim van Lommel

In 2001 a sensational article appeared in the most important international medical journal "The Lancet". In it the cardiologist Pim van Lommel doubts the conventional conception of life and death. His thesis: Even according to the latest findings in brain research, consciousness cannot be localized in the body and it does not cease to exist after death.
Van Lommel's "sensational study" (3sat / Kulturzeit) is based on international long-term studies and reports from thousands of patients who had near-death experiences. It is thus scientifically supported in many ways!

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